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Cutting formes and creasing formes

Cutting formes are the metal forms used to score and shape paper or cardboard. A cutting forme is like a printing forme, but instead of engravings and types it has cutting rules. Once mounted in a press a cutting form will cut and crease the paper instead of printing on it. Cutting formes are sometimes known as creasing formes but the principle of the two things is the same. In US English the word forme is spelt form. This may be seen by some as too easily confused with the printing trade. Usually the sheets are printed first and then forme cut in a separate operation. The strips of the cutting forme are then bent into complicated shapes. Creasing rules, perforating rules and hole punches are also used to produce the cutting formes. This means that in one process a plain sheet can be cut and creased in several places using the cutting form.

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Cutting dies

Die cutting is the use of a variety of cutting die methods to fashion materials into predefined shapes and sizes. The method used can vary depending on material and the end product configuration. The different types of cutting die used are listed below:

  • Laser die cutting - laser die cutting is performed on computer controlled, 3-axis laser cutting machines. Laser cutters are used to cut materials that cannot be cut using the conventional steel. Flat laser cutters are used to cut flat sheets and rotary cutting die are used to cut soft to semi rigid material.
  • Rotary die cutting - Rotary cutting die are mainly used to cut a continuous roll of material.
  • Steel rule die cutting - Steel rule die cutters are used to cut and score steel material into various shapes.
  • Ultrasonic die cutting - Ultrasonic die cutters use vibrations applied at ultrasonic frequencies to cut material. The vibrations cause heat and pressure to cut or seal the material.

A variety of products produced using die cutting i.e. puzzle pieces, flat gaskets and folders.

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