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About Rossendale Forme and Knife

Rossforme and KnifeRossendale Forme and Knife have been supplying cutting formes for over 40 years gaining a unique knowledge and experience in their manufacture. We are a wholly independent Company that does not carry out any cutting. Our customers know that their order is our only concern. Continuous investment in latest Kasemake cad software by AG/CAD and the unique Gerber Profile manufacturer system offers distinct advantages over the conventional laser system.

We accept orders by many different ways either traditional methods or by e mail file formats CF2, AGD, DXF and EPS being popular but not the only one. Our team have many years experience producing formes from films, drawings or samples and our experienced design team is always on hand to give free advice. RFK dispatches all their products world wide.

Quality is our number one aim. The cad and profile manufacturing system produces tools of a high degree of accuracy. Our die technicians have all have been trained both in house and externally to the highest standards. We always check the machine manufacturer’s specifications for the latest developments and our staff attend machine manufacturers’ training courses

Value for money is also top priority! The use of the profile manufacturer system enables us to both re-knife and modify formes at a very competitive price; most laser forme makers insist you always need a replacement forme. The profile system allows us to manufacture our own Bobst stripping unit components and embossing dies at very competitive price helping us give you a competitive edge

We also know that delivery is important; we never promise a delivery date that cannot be met. We stock a vast range of rules, punches and rubbers. Our out of hours telephone answering service enables you to keep in touch with us. Using our own staff to deliver or by using national and international carriers when we say we deliver we deliver.
We always look to be innovative, bonding PVC to plywood and using stainless steel rule for the pharmaceutical industry or where cleanliness is important is our latest development. Bespoke deckle rules, de-boss, emboss blocks and our own approved stripping unit components enable our customers to stay in front.


Rossendale Forme and Knife, 245 Burnley Rd. East, Waterfoot, Rossendale, BB4 9HU
T: 01706 213165 F: 01706 831319 E: info@rossforme.co.uk

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