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Zipemate and Ellison dies and cutters

At Rossendale Forme and Knife we have specialist knowledge of the following:

  • Accucut Zipemate dies and Accucut Zipemate cutters
  • Ellison dies and Ellison cutters

As well as catering for Accucut Zipemate and Ellison we can cater for similar machines whilst always ensuring that you get the right results. At Rossendale Forme and Knife we understand the needs of the small-scale producer. We can ensure that you product is manufactured to the highest quality.

We have a bespoke range of deckle edge dies available for Accucut Zipemate cutters, and Ellison cutters. We ensure that your design will remain confidential whilst providing excellent delivery times to suit your requirements. No job is ever too small; we can despatch worldwide and accept payments by credit or debit. We will manufacture your cutting dies from samples, drawings and file attachments.

For more information on Accucut Zipemate dies and cutters or Ellison dies and cutters call Rossendale Forme and Knife on 01706 213165

Rossendale Forme and Knife, 245 Burnley Rd. East, Waterfoot, Rossendale, BB4 9HU
T: 01706 213165 F: 01706 831319 E: info@rossforme.co.uk

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